Elf the Musical
National Tour
 as Deb

“As a stocking stuffer, Audra Qualley ... was fantastic in her role that mimicked a marshmallow on top of hot cocoa: sweet and fluffy. Her gossipy office dialogue perfectly opened up scene nine, the Hungarian Christmas story of the one-legged boy had the audience rolling in their seats, and her reactions to the main characters were priceless and hard to ignore. This is Qualley’s third tour with “Elf the Musical,” and she has clearly mastered the role.” 
Nathan Desutter, Marquette Wire

“However, the scene-stealer of the show is Audra Qualley as Walter’s saucy-dancing assistant Deb. Qualley is a ball every moment she’s on stage, and when she pulls out her best dance moves in “Just Like Him”, you know you’re in for a good time.”
Will Gallagher, Discover Albany

“Audra Qualley's Deb is all kinds of funny with some of the best lines in the show and a contagious and infectious cheer.” Joy Michelle, The Joyous Living


The Double-Threat Trio
as *Nina/*Millicent Standby (*Performed)
“The new CLO Cabaret show opened minus one of its leading ladies |...| She was replaced by understudy Audra Qualley. The role of Millicent is a wild ride for someone to take on at the last minute. Ms. Qualley has had to jump into a triple-threat role — quadruple, if you add comic timing to the mix. Her performance underscores the importance of understudies in a production.”  
Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"Qualley has the work of juggling several accents and characters, as Millicent literally wears many hats, changing personas for each of her many jobs:  Qualley was entertaining, shifting roles with impressive agility." Hannah Lyn, Pittsburgh City Paper

The Great American
Trailer Park Musical

as Lin
"Audra Qualley is a delightful actress who has the comedic timing down pat, and has several moments of belting and wailing [...] to make her own memorable performance a well received one."  Marc Gonzalez, Road to 1,000

as Jan
 "Audra Qualley and Quinn Patrick Shannon are thoroughly adorable as Jan and Roger, and their duet “Mooning” is a charming hoot."  
Ted Hoover, Pittsburgh City Paper

"Black horse of the show goes to Mr. Quinn Patrick Shannon and Ms. Audra Qualley who played Roger and Jan and stunned the audience with their shining duet “Mooning”.
Drake Ma, Pittsburgh in the Round

“And even Twinkie-loving Jan [Qualley] stole my heart with her pink dress and amazing
'It’s Raining on Prom Night.'" Krista Graham, Local Arts Pittsburgh

Into the Woods

as Little Red Ridinghood

"Another early delight is Audra Qualley as Little Red Ridinghood. The actress who plays this part gets the first big solo number, so she really has to nail it to keep the energy going, and Qualley does this with room to spare [...] She’s innocent, with just the right sarcastic edge." Chris Rosella, Boring Pittsburgh



"Son of a Nutcracker!"
Preview Magazine, by Denise Brewer

Press Release: "A Thousand Faces" (reading)

Broadway World